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You can be too busy to think, distracted by grief and worry, dreams and plans, errands and chores, and more, and if you don't deprive them of basics like dirt and water and light, they do their thing:

3 indoor tomatoes
1 indoor tomato

These are some of the tomatoes that were on my upstairs front porch during the summer.  Yes, there's more than one variety; the colors actually are different, that's not just an artifact of taking pictures with a cell phone--though, on reflection, I also realize that the second picture's colors are affected by having a glowing grow light sitting there just barely out of the frame.  I turned off the grow light that's near the grouping of three.

This just goes to show that sometimes you have to rearrange things to achieve your goals.  Indoor tomato plants, actually bearing fruit.  I am pleased!

I'm working on rearranging other things in my life too; refinancing the mortgage, sorting through clothes (and other stuff) and designating some for donating and some for trash, trying to help the docs figure out how to get My Angel healthier, and more.  It's more and more clear to me that I need a writing/arting office, and I've known for some time that I need more time and space to be creative.  I think I will be able to make some big changes soon.  I hope.  Keep your fingers crossed for me while I work on making room and rearranging things.

In other news, the moon in the clouds was beautiful tonight. The pictures taken before I messed with the camera settings were stained pink by the color of my phone cover, but these two came out pretty well, I think:

novembermoon2013 novembermoon2013--

Happy Full Moon, everyone!
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