Oct. 22nd, 2016

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Take out frozen bacon (a wonderful left-over partial package of Deirdre-safe bacon gifted by my sister Siobhan) because it's at the top of the freezer, and I'm hungry and don't want to rummage to see what else is in there.

Take one of the only 2 delicata squashes salvaged from my garden that has to be used right away because of wildlife damage, cut off parts gnawed by said wildlife (racoon, possum, or squirrel), peel and cut into pieces. Grumble once again about the half-dozen or more squashes they got away with.

Get impatient with frozen bacon and put it into the pan, cutting across it to make bite-sized pieces before it's fully thawed. (One advantage of cast iron pans is you can cut things in them and not worry about damaging the surface.) Peel and cut an onion and add to pan as soon as the bacon has created some grease to cook it with.

Cook over low heat with the lid on to speed things up, except for removing lid frequently to stir.

Peel and cut two small potatoes. Smile at the cat who thinks peels that miss the compost bucket are funny-smelling cat toys. Add squash pieces to pan. Notice that it lacks contrast. Go out and pick green beans by the light of the cell phone's built-in flashight; rinse, cut up, add potatoes and green beans to pan.

Chop a clove of garlic very fine and add to pan with thyme (also originally from the garden, but grown last year) and white and black pepper. Add a little butter because the food is starting to stick (the onion, potatoes, and squash used up all the bacon grease?!?) and because the potatoes want some butter flavor.

Retrieve the now-neglected cat toys from the floor and add to the compost bucket. Stop cooking as soon as potato pieces are soft, because I'm hungry.

I have no idea what you'd call it, but it was tasty!


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