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So, every year, Capricon has an artist's challenge, where artists have to include several things in a single work of art. Lately, I've been arriving at the con and painting one at the last minute--fun, but I know I could do better if I wasn't rushing that much. So this week, I looked up the particulars ahead of time.

This year the criteria are as follows: Artist’s Challenge Award: goes to special works which incorporate a goat (the convention’s mascot, so a goat is always one of the things that must be included) and three of the following: a humanoid child, blown soap bubbles, a flag, an imaginary friend, a set of (balance) scales.

I did a sketch background yesterday, and hoped to do a lot today, but work up feeling sick and unfocused. So not a lot--but a little, at least. Better than nothing.

For some reason, the first picture came out really green. Bad choice of lighting conditions, I guess, since mostly the cell phone gets really good color matching.

The plan is to include a kid (likely a child-satyr) swinging from the tree blowing bubbles with her imaginary friend. Her real companion, the goat, is in the tree and looking on or perhaps trying to bite the bubbles. I'm still pondering what sort of imaginary friend I should include.

As always, suggestions and comments are welcome.
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