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Oct. 12th, 2011 10:22 pm
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My parents were readers of science fiction and fantasy long before I was. I grew up with dozens of the original, beautiful hardcover OZ books. Heinlein, Poul Anderson, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Asimov were just a few of the names that were on shelves in our house before I had gulped down all the mysteries and mythology I could find and pulled the Lord of the Rings out to read it.

So I was pleased when I called her today, and she said she's reading the Torn World anthology, and is enjoying it.

Of course, that brings me back to the need to finish the stories I'm working on.

There's a Muse Fusion this weekend, and maybe a bit more time tonight before I fall asleep.

Oh--and I have a new article up over at

Affafilalo is known as the City of Boats because it was built out into the ocean during the Sundered Times, when the barriers kept the weather calm. Now it is a tourist haven known for ocean studies, pirates, and laughter. Affafilalo is a rare example of a place where the sundered times were better than modern days...

I also have a painting of a scene in this city up at the site, called A View of Affafilalo.

Your comments are always welcome.


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